Best Onboard Weighing System 2016

Strainstall awarded first place for ‘Best Onboard Weighing System 2016’ for its pioneering Container Weight System™.

Strainstall is proud to announce its Container Weight System (CWS)™ has won first place in the ‘Best Onboard Weighing System’ category of the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2016.

Simon Everett, managing director of Strainstall, said:
“We are thrilled to have won this award for CWS™. With less than 100 days left before the new SOLAS container weight verification amendments are enforced, this award illustrates confidence in Strainstall’s ability to meet compliance with the Container Weight System™”.

Everett continues, “Our system provides a highly accurate load measurement solution for container weighing, integrating load monitoring technology with container handling equipment to provide a quick and easily retrofitted solution that delivers accurate weight verification data in real-time”.

The Container Weight System™ can be installed and tested within a matter of hours and is fully configurable, enabling operators to select the most appropriate option for their container handling needs.

System options are flexible, incorporating either load pins, diaphragm load cells or standard industry Twistlocks. The system can be installed in the spreader, headlock, sheaves or booms using our patented technology for use with reach stackers, rubber tyre gantry’s (RTG), straddle carriers and gantry cranes.

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